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Call: 07791 204 664

Say “cheeee-ese”

Most enquiries I get are from couples looking for a ‘natural’ or ‘candid’ photographer. I often hear them say: “we don’t want anything too posey” or; “we don’t like to pose”. Well that’s lucky as I describe myself as an ‘informal and relaxed wedding photographer’. The candid moments of genuine emotions like excitement, nerves and even a tiny pinch of hysteria are the bits I love to photograph.

Candid literally means: “…taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge”. So, a question you might be asking is… “does that mean a candid photographer won’t do any posed photos at all?” Well, in the natural world of Swinky Photography I have to tell you that there will be some posing; or as I like to call it; ‘some fun’!!

OK, so let’s consider your dream venue; you’ve spent a long time choosing it. It’s an integral part of the look and feel of your wedding day. My very important job as your wedding photographer is to showcase it!! For example, if you choose a relaxed informal outdoor wedding venue you would expect to see ‘posed’ photos like this:

and what if the backdrop to your wedding day was a beautiful deep blue sea… I’d hate to rely on a candid moment presenting itself in the exact right place at that exact moment for a photo like this:

Or maybe you just tied the knot in a gorgeous 250-year-old stately home:

We also need to consider your guests and family here too. Sometimes they ‘hover’ in front of the camera ready to pose! Some family members even ask me “when are we doing the group photo?” With a little bit of coordination I might get ‘posed’ photo like this:

or this:

It’s a great activity to do while you’re waiting for the next stage of the wedding… I hope you see my ‘posing’ point. The right photographer is all about documenting your day; making sure every angle is showcased; from getting ready, your dress, flowers, venue, guests and surroundings. A candid photographer like me will work hard behind the scenes to make this happen and, most importantly to make it look like it happened naturally, I can’t rely on luck for that! In summary, yes, I am an ‘informal and relaxed wedding photographer’… but I might need to create some of those images throughout your wedding day. So please, don’t be scared of a little ‘posing’! I hope this gives you food for thought when shortlisting wedding photographers (of which I hope I am one!). Remember to ask about their approach and their style on the day – don’t just ask about their style of photography.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it useful. As ever, feel free to get in touch with ANY questions – large or seemingly small. Hugs & kisses, CJ xx

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