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The Destination Wedding of Kayleigh & Dan, Lindos, Greece

I cannot thank the universe enough for last years Swinky Photography Destination wedding in Greece! Archie and I were lucky enough to be chosen by the fabulous Kayleigh and Dan as their wedding photographer and they flew us out to capture this picturesque wedding on the blue-est of blue coasts in Rhodes.

We were welcomed by family and friends and made to feel part of it all at this wonderful intimate wedding... I was even regularly sprayed with a fine mist of water by one of the guests that was concerned about how hot I was! And yes... it was hot! The hottest I've ever been with a camera in my hand instead of swimming in the sea....

It helped that we got to know this awesome couple and their children before heading out to Greece - and this is the reason I recommend any couple planning a destination wedding to book a UK photographer - so we can spend time on the lead up to the wedding getting to know you and your children/ family so everyone is comfortable on the day. Plus you don't want to miss out on an engagement or family photo-session!

I understand exactly why anyone would choose Lindos and Kayleigh looked so perfect with her white dress, amazing skin and supermodel smile that I couldn't help but take an amazing photo or 2! We had such a lovely time in Greece - and were lucky enough to take a few days off after the wedding to swim in the sea!

So if you are thinking of having a destination wedding but want to build a relationship with your photographer here in the UK, have an engagement session in the UK and possibly a reception here in the UK after the wedding for those that couldn't make it overseas, then get in touch today for advice on how to plan and how we could work with you.

Thanks or reading my post CJ xx

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