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Call: 07791 204 664

The wedding of Steph and James at The Little Silver Country Hotel, Kent.

Loved this ‘re’-wedding! Loved this venue! Steph and James could not stop laughing and giggling together the whole day; you would think they met a year ago rather than MARRIED 12 YEARS! Thanks again for choosing Swinky Photography to capture your magical day at this gorgeous venue.

Here are some details about this awesome husband and wife team:

1. Where and when did first meet? On Steph’s 16th birthday in a pub. James kissed me on the cheek and said happy birthday and we didn’t see each other for another year.

2. Was it love at first sight? No!

3. Who asked who out first? James, but we went out as friends at first.

4. How long after you met did you move in together? 2 years

5. How long after you met did you get engaged? Started dating in April 2003 and got engaged in the August

6. Who popped the question and where? Tell me the story….
We were in a nightclub in Croydon called Reflex for Stephs 18th birthday when James requested a Barry White song, “you’re the first, my last, my everything” and we were dancing and he just asked. We were both drunk and I had to ask the morning after if I had dreamt it!

7. How long had you been engaged at the wedding?
Engaged at 18, Married at 20 and renewing wedding vows at 32, so together for 15 years this April.

8. What are your 2 favourite things about each other?
Cuddles, that we can get through anything, that we can share the burden.
James says… that’s a secret!

9. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Sicily

10. What were you most looking forward to about your engagement photoshoot?
Capturing the love. Rarely get photos of us together.

11. What were you least looking forward to about your engagement photoshoot?
Looking rough! lol

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