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Call: 07791 204 664

Peter and Brooke’ s wedding at St Peter & St Paul church, Swanscombe, Kent.

I was delighted when Brooke and Peter chose me from all the way in the USA to be their ‘blessing’ photographer. We chatted on Skype and got to know each other remotely to make sure we ‘clicked’ as their wedding day would be the first time I met them!


Brooke is American and Peter is originally from Kent but lives in Florida now. They had their official wedding ceremony in the USA and were visiting the UK for their ‘church blessing’ for their UK friends and relatives; a lovely gesture and it was a lovely, intimate and meaningful ceremony (with one of the hippest vicar’s I’ve ever met… he even talked about football during the ceremony! A quirky guy who made everyone smile!). It was a lovely ceremony.


We were lucky enough to have the gorgeous church grounds on this sunny July day and took our time getting some lovely candid and traditional photos of the immediate family and close friends. The reception was then held at The Manor Farm Barn in Kent. A very low-key day for a very relaxed and obviously in-love couple. I hope my images captured the intimacy and connection between them. Thanks guys! It was an absolute delight to be chosen to capture your special day… Feel free to fly me out to Florida ANY TIME for an impromptu family photoshoot!


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