Call: 07791 204 664

Call: 07791 204 664

About me

Hi again folks!

I’m pretty chilled, just a little quirky, lots of fun and of course uber-professional when I need to be! I describe myself as a high-end professional documentary female wedding photographer with a quirky, relaxed, romantic and creative edge. My photos are relaxed, colourful, bright, emotional and of course always tell a story

When I’m not seeing the world through my camera, I spend time with my cats; Martha, Nancy and Buffy, and partner Archie (notice how the cats were mentioned first), watching movies, listening to music and unleashing my creativity on the refurb of my 1930’s home in Kent where I’ve discovered an obsession with Art Deco, up-cycling and paying way too much for a roll of wallpaper

‘Stuff’ I natter about all the time: Cats, being Vegan (going strong since January 2018!!), Movies (Marvel, Horror, Action, anything with Ryan Gosling!), Cooking, The 1930’s, trying to learn about Art and of course photography

If you LOVE what you see then get in touch today to see if I have your wedding date free… or perhaps you just want to talk photography…. CJ xxx

Artur (or Archie as I fondly call him) was my trainee a few years ago… he had never done photography before or even thought about becoming a photographer and so… I’m either an AWESOME teacher or he had a natural hidden talent for photography…! His style compliments mine completely; while I’m organising the group shots and being creative with my couples in their surroundings he’s doing what he calls his ‘sniper’ photography which basically means hiding away with a long lens and capturing all the candid photos of what’s unfolding.



P.S. below are  some pretty pictures of my fur babies to make you smile… CJ xx



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