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Call: 07791 204 664

A tatoo showcase photoshoot at my studio in Gravesend

This was a great Boudoir Photoshoot. Anaya rocked up with so much confidence that it made me feel so inspired! As you can see from the photos she was covered in tattoos and it was amazing hearing her talk about the inspiration and meaning of them all. It’s people like Anaya that make me so thankful to be a people photographer as it means I get to spend quality time with folk that I wouldn’t have necessarily otherwise met and ask loads of questions to get to know them in a really quick space of time – that’s my way of getting to know who I’m really capturing in the photographs I take.

Anaya and I spent a few hours in so many different locations at my Gravesend studio (even ending up on the scaffolding!). She was fearless and we got so many great boudoir photos (a few of them you won’t get to see as they remain her private collection!).

Thanks to Anaya for letting me share a few. I hope we can do another photoshoot soon! CJ xx

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