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Call: 07791 204 664

Ioana and Benn's engagement photoshoot in Canterbury

I knew these guys would book me after we chatted about cats and The Beatles for about 20 minutes at a wedding fair in Kent! Finally remembering we were supposed to be talking about weddings we soon realised they were looking for exactly what I offer; a relaxed and quirky photographer able to make sure things run smoothly throughout the day.

Abbots Barton in Canterbury is where Ioana and Benn will be getting married this year and so we went there so they could show me around the place and we could get excited together about the fast approaching big day. We planned to do the engagement shoot here too and we were delighted when it turned into a mild and sunny Autumn day… we even got to take our coats off.

It was a pleasure to chat and photograph this lovely couple and swap cat stories and wedding ideas with Ioana. Since this shoot we’ve worked together too as they have set up a wedding company that pet-sits for couples on the wedding day so that the pets can be in the wedding photos…. great idea or what?!!

Looking forward to photographing your wedding in May and to working with you and doggies more in 2018 and beyond!

CJ xx



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