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Call: 07791 204 664

Krystle and John's engagement shoot at Shorne Park

These guys booked Swinky Photography without hesitation after nattering for ages at a wedding fair! We clicked immediately. I love it when my clients are cool and chatty and we can build a genuine relationship. It’s easier to take photos that way too; I can use that chemistry to really find personalities in the images.

Krystle and John are a lovely couple -and they look great together too! I can’t believe Krystle’s got a 12 year old son! (I would have been shocked if she said he was 5!).

I knew this engagement photoshoot in Kent would be fun… and it was. We took our time wandering the lovely Shorne Woods on a pleasantly warm evening as the sun was setting and I got to take my time setting up the shots in the gorgeous fading sunlight. It’s a huge park and there was no one around so we really did get to take our time.

Krystle told me that John hadn’t been looking forward to¬† our photo-shoot. She said he didn’t like to pose and didn’t like the idea of everyone looking at them. But I used my Swinky magic to make sure the photo-shoot was fun; I’ve got lots of secrets up my sleeve that I pull out for moment like this and they make everyone forget that they hate to pose! That’s a Swinky promise!

I can’t wait to photograph this lovely couple’s wedding in June and to meet Krystle’s 12 year old son who is going to be Best man (I can feel the tears well up already for this one!)

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