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Call: 07791 204 664

Jessie, Daniel & little Darcie's family photoshoot at Danson House

I met the GORGEOUS little Darcie and her dad Daniel for the first time and we instantly bonded. It’s times like these I KNOW I was meant to be a wedding photographer; I love meeting so many awesome people and sharing such an exciting time of their life with them.

On an autumn afternoon it started to rain and got a little chilly. It was a momentary disappointment as I waited outside the locked gates of the beautiful Danson house to meet my new clients for their Swinky Photography engagement photoshoot. Luckily, about 10 minutes after they arrived the wonderful warm spell we were having in Kent came back! What a great sign!

Archie and I spent a few hours with them exploiting the Rose garden, getting to know each other and of course taking some lovely photos so that they (and especially little Darcie) will be comfortable with me on their wedding day. Its very popular for couples to upgrade their pre-wedding / engagement shoot to a family photo-shoot.

Here are a few of the photos from that session so you can see what a pre-wedding, family or engagement photography session is all about.

Big hugs, CJ xx

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