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Photographing a mermaid at the seaside, Botany Bay, Kent

That’s right! You read it right! I went to Botany Bay in Kent to photograph a mermaid!

Ok… so let me tell you how that happened: Aurelie is an actor and model and generally all round super-creative person and she had the idea to deal with ‘relationship issues’ by creating a character that would wash up lost sailors onto the rocks. Of course that just had to be a mermaid as that is what sirens do

We spent most of the day on the beach having a whale of a time (sorry!) and covering Aurelie in white paint and body make up then we all (yes, me, my camera, Archie and Aurelie) got in the sea for these wonderful shots. It turns out Aurelie was a rather scary and angry mermaid; which makes sense if you consider that she was trying to seduce the sailors to shore so she could smash their ships against the rocks!

Again I thank the universe that I am lucky enough to be a full time photographer and do these things I love… I hope you love these photos as much as me- they really show off my creativity. Thanks for stopping by. CJ xx



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