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Call: 07791 204 664

Clare and Alan's wedding at The Knowle Country house, Kent

I LOVE this venue and loved loved working with these guys; they are a super-cool, relaxed and very funny couple! They are just so much fun! It was one of those wedding days where I had to pinch myself and ask ‘am I really working’?! It was a pleasure to see the whole warm sunny day unfold in this beautiful location. The great thing about the Knowle is all the options for photography; especially on a hot day like this was.

The ceremony was just the right balance of emotion and laughter and the day unfolded effortlessly with so many giggles and smiles along the way. Thanks both! I’m still super glad you chose me as your wedding photographer!


Lots of love! CJ xx


Why did you choose the wedding venue you have chosen? 

Loved the feel and look of it all – ticked al the boxes as wanted it all in one place

What are you most excited about for the wedding day? 

Walking down the aisle

Where and when did first meet? 

At a College where we both worked

Was it love at first sight? 

Ha ha no!!!! Lust and then love after a very short time

Who asked who out first? 

Alan asked Clare

How long after you met did you move in together? 

6 months

How long after you met did you get engaged? 

2 years

Who popped the question and where? Tell me the story…. 

Alan got down on one knee in the Warldorf in London.  He arranged a fab weekend – dinner with mum and I Friday night at Kits Coty, him and I in London for day Sat and dinner at Hilton Park Lane – windows (after the proposal) and then took all the family out for Sunday lunch to tell them. We then went to Whitstable for day to celebrate on the Monday! He proposed on his birthday.

How long will you have you been engaged at the wedding? 

1 year and 6 months

What are your 2 favourite things about each other? 

Clare loves Alan’s sense of humour and how he treats me like a princess! Alan loves Clare’s smile and beautiful eyes! He wanted to say sense of humour but I got there first

Where are you going on your honeymoon? 

Tenerife but that’s all Alan will tell Clare!

What were you most looking forward to about your engagement photoshoot? 

Seeing how comfortable we would be made to feel as Clare hates photo being taken

What were you least looking forward to about your engagement photoshoot? 

As above lol!

How did you find the engagement shoot? 

Very relaxed and made to feel at ease – pictures were lovely

What are you most nervous about? 

The speeches

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